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Other Services

Geoprobe Drilling

Pioneer offers drilling services and experienced professionals trained to assist you with specific fieldwork requirements. Our staff is qualified to probe under various conditions with versatile equipment that goes where you need it to go. We offer direct-push and hollow-stem auger drilling technology for soil, groundwater, and geotechnical investigations using our Geoprobe 7822DT track-mounted drill rig to collect soil and groundwater samples and set small diameter wells and soil vapor probes. The direct-push technology allows for collecting soil samples efficiently and with minimal site disruption because soil is not brought to the surface. Because our rig is track-mounted, it can be maneuvered over rough terrain and into locations with limited room and access. The rig can also probe holes at an angle, allowing soil samples to be collected under buildings and other structures. We transport all the equipment in a support trailer stocked with hand tools, repair parts, safety equipment, tooling, decontamination equipment, and other support equipment. The trailer also serves as an in-field shelter for safety, pre-job meetings, and sample handling. 

Surveying & Drone Services

At Pioneer Technical, our Survey Group stands as a cornerstone of precision and reliability, offering comprehensive land surveying services that cater to a wide spectrum of needs. With a deep-rooted commitment to accuracy and quality, our expert team of licensed surveyors brings together years of experience and a passion for excellence to every project. Specializing in a variety of surveying services, including boundary surveys, topographic mapping, and construction staking, we provide the foundational data essential for successful real estate development, environmental planning, and infrastructure projects.


Our dedication to employing the latest surveying 

techniques and equipment means that clients receive the most accurate, timely, and cost-effective


surveying solutions available. We pride ourselves on our meticulous attention to detail, ensuring that every measurement and analysis supports informed decision-making and project precision. At Pioneer Technical's Survey Group, we're not just about mapping land; we're about laying the groundwork for future success, project after project.

Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

Pioneer offers a fully equipped, in-house department to deliver Geographic Information System (GIS)-based maps and graphics, and provide data collection, development, analysis, and management solutions. Our staff includes trained specialists with experience using ArcGIS Pro, ArcGIS Desktop, Spatial Analyst, and 3D Analyst. We design and maintain databases, design and maintain geodatabases, and integrate data for use in multiple disciplines. GIS and CAD personnel work proficiently in both ArcMap and CAD and work with engineers to produce data and products that help visualize, analyze, and map data for better decision making.

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