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Pioneer personnel are experts at designing and implementing environmental remediation projects to address pollution or contamination of soil, groundwater, sediment, or surface water.




Water Resources


Our engineers understand the complexities involved in managing groundwater and surface water as resources, and the trade-offs needed to balance supply and demand, economic and social factors,






Our experience includes roads, highways, railways, and interconnecting sidewalks for transportation; water, storm water, and sewage systems for clean water and waste disposal; and permits.






Pioneer offers a wide range of geotechnical services, and our geotechnical staff believes efficient and constructible designs are founded on a sound understanding of geological conditions and fundamental engineering concepts married with a practical approach.

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Digital Solutions


From consulting services, programming & development, AI development and support, help desks, networks and everything in between, we provide over-the-horizon technology and services! 





Other Services


Our STEM offerings (technology, data validation, drones, laboratory, geo probe, surveying, biological, CADD, and ArcGIS) parnter seemlessly with our environmental engineering services, making us a top-tier provider!




Our Commitment to Safety

At Pioneer, we prioritize safety and control throughout every stage of our work, seamlessly integrating them into our operations. From meticulously planning site investigations and sampling to designing enhancements that foster secure construction and operations, we ensure that safety is at the core of everything we do. "Work Safe" isn't just a slogan; it's our daily reality.  We are committed to fostering an environment that champions safety and motivates every employee to embrace a safety-oriented mindset.