Water is key to life on our planet. Our engineers understand the complexities involved in managing groundwater and surface water as resources, and the trade-offs needed to balance supply and demand, economic and social factors, and the integrity of the natural environment. We have the expertise in hydrology, hydraulics, and hydrogeology to model, predict, and design solutions. A leader in the assessment and rehabilitation of surface water bodies, Pioneer’s experience includes floodplain surveys, mapping and delineation, wetlands delineation and design, stream reconstruction and restoration, streambank stabilization, hydraulic structure designs, irrigation system designs, fish passage design, storm water system evaluation and design, surface water sampling and monitoring, and water treatment. Our hydrogeology group’s experience includes data collection, groundwater and geochemical modeling, contaminated aquifer remediation, water supply assessment, dewatering system designs, and operation of treatment system designs. Our experience includes leading the evaluation, design, and construction oversight for a myriad of groundwater and surface water projects throughout the northwest. Many of these projects include developing, enhancing, preserving, and managing water resources to benefit public health, safety, and welfare, but also provide economic growth and educational outreach opportunities.

Stream Restoration
Dam Inspections
Storm Water Management
Services Include:
Stream Restoration
Dam Inspections
Storm Water Management
Associated Projects
Electric Light Ditch diversion Electric Light Ditch

Location: Big Timber, MT Project Type: Water Resource Management, Environmental, Surveying Appropriated on March 1, 1884, Electric Light Ditch (Ditch) has the right to divert

Prickly Pear Creek

Location: East Helena, MT Project Type: Water Resource Management, Environmental Near Helena, Montana, Prickly Pear Creek was contaminated after a century’s worth of smelter activities

Team working on UBMC site Feasibility Study

2016 Update: The Montana Contractors’ Association presented an Environmental Excellence awards to this project. The UBMC Phase 2 project won the Special Recognition – Water

Installing conduit through the Mike Horse Dam Mike Horse Dam

2017 Update: Pioneer provides engineering and environmental remediation services to the Montana Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ), Natural Resource Damage Program (NRDP) and other agencies under

Floodplain Study

Pioneer conducted a bathymetric survey, hydraulic structure assessment, and hydrologic analysis for the Musselshell River Floodplain Study

Remedial Action

Within the Upper Basin of the Bunker Hill Mining and Metallurgical Complex Superfund Site, the Interstate-Callahan mine was one of the largest producers of ore

Opportunity Ponds Wetlands Design

Pioneer has led the design and construction of some of the largest wetland creation, restoration, and enhancement projects in the northwestern United States. With experience

Anaconda Wetland Area

The Atlantic Richfield Company completed a study for the Anaconda Regional Water, Waste and Soils Operable Unit as part of a larger study of the

Dam Inspections

Pioneer completed the 5-year inspections for both Basin Creek #1 and #2 high hazard dams located in Butte-Silver Bow County. Upon completing the inspections, the

McLaren Reclamation

National Award Winning project. The McLaren Tailings Abandoned Mine Site (Site) is an abandoned hardrock mine/mill site listed on the DEQ/MWRCB Priority Sites List based

Remedial Design

The Snowshoe Mine Site was an abandoned hardrock mine site listed on the Montana Department of Environmental Quality/Mine Waste Cleanup Bureau (DEQ/MWCB) Priority Sites List,

Remedial design

Pioneer was selected as the number one design contractor for the Streamside Tailings Operable Unit (SST OU) Remedial Actions (RAs) being conducted by the DEQ.

Storm Drain Design

Pioneer designed and provided construction oversight for the Metro Storm Drain Reconstruction in Butte, Montana. Design work was completed in 2003, and construction was completed

Pioneer team working on Class II Landfill Landfill Design

Pioneer planned, designed, and provided construction oversight services for two 10-acre lateral and vertical expansions at the Butte-Silver Bow (BSB) County Class II Municipal Solid

Treatment Design

In 1998, following completion of an expedited removal action of 1.2 million cubic yards of mine tailings, slag material, and impacted soils from the historic stream