Pioneer’s engineers understand the complex network of systems, or infrastructure, required to keep a community running. Our experience includes municipal projects dealing with roads, highways, railways, and interconnecting sidewalks for transportation; water, storm water, and sewage systems to ensure an adequate supply of clean water and waste disposal; and permits to complete the work. Pioneer delivers sound, comprehensive municipal infrastructure services with an insight necessary to help public officials achieve their project goals. Working with new, and sometimes centuries old systems, our engineers help clients find solutions to advance new systems or integrate ambien online older systems to meet standards and community needs. Our engineers possess the technical skill, experience, and creativity to develop innovative solutions to “one of a kind” problems.

Water and Sanitary Sewer System Design
Storm Water Collection and Treatment Design
Hydraulic Analysis of Distribution/Collection Systems
Well System Analysis and Design
On-Site Wastewater Systems Design
Streets, Sidewalks, and Paving Design
Solid Waste Management
Surveying Services
Services Include:
Water and Sanitary Sewer System Design
Storm Water Collection and Treatment Design
Hydraulic Analysis of Distribution/Collection Systems
Well System Analysis and Design
On-Site Wastewater Systems Design
Streets, Sidewalks, and Paving Design
Solid Waste Management
Surveying Services
Associated Projects
Transmission Line

Location: Divide, Montana, to Butte, Montana Project Type: Infrastructure, Municipal, Construction Oversight The Butte-Silver Bow (BSB) Big Hole Transmission Line is the primary potable water

Team working on UBMC site Feasibility Study

2016 Update: The Montana Contractors’ Association presented an Environmental Excellence awards to this project. The UBMC Phase 2 project won the Special Recognition – Water

SPCC site inspection area SPCC Inspection

SPCC Site Inspections, Northeastern Montana and Northwestern North Dakota For Continental Resources, Inc. (CLR), Pioneer completed Spill Prevention, Control, and Countermeasure (SPCC) site inspections at

Floodplain Study

Pioneer conducted a bathymetric survey, hydraulic structure assessment, and hydrologic analysis for the Musselshell River Floodplain Study

Anaconda Wetland Area

The Atlantic Richfield Company completed a study for the Anaconda Regional Water, Waste and Soils Operable Unit as part of a larger study of the

Sewer Collection Sys

Partnering together, Dowl HKM Engineering and Pioneer designed a Butte-Silver Bow sewer collection system to collect and convey sewage from the TIFID Industrial Park near

Dam Inspections

Pioneer completed the 5-year inspections for both Basin Creek #1 and #2 high hazard dams located in Butte-Silver Bow County. Upon completing the inspections, the

McLaren Reclamation

National Award Winning project. The McLaren Tailings Abandoned Mine Site (Site) is an abandoned hardrock mine/mill site listed on the DEQ/MWRCB Priority Sites List based

Phase I ESA

Pioneer performed a Phase I Environmental Site Assessment, in conformance with the scope and limitations of ASTM Practice E 1527, of the proposed FedEx Terminal

Scenic Byway Testing

In 2008, Pioneer was subcontracted by Hardrives Construction, Inc. to provide field inspection and construction materials testing services for the realignment and improvement of 23.5

Remedial Design

The Snowshoe Mine Site was an abandoned hardrock mine site listed on the Montana Department of Environmental Quality/Mine Waste Cleanup Bureau (DEQ/MWCB) Priority Sites List,

Remedial design

Pioneer was selected as the number one design contractor for the Streamside Tailings Operable Unit (SST OU) Remedial Actions (RAs) being conducted by the DEQ.


The GMMA project consisted of capping 62 acres of exposed mine wastes, 1.5 miles of American Disabilities Association (ADA) multi-use trails, 1.2 miles of walking

Greenway Design

Pioneer is the prime contractor for a project to design a Greenway recreational corridor along Silver Bow Creek from Butte, Montana, to the Warm Springs

Storm Drain Design

Pioneer designed and provided construction oversight for the Metro Storm Drain Reconstruction in Butte, Montana. Design work was completed in 2003, and construction was completed

Pioneer team working on Class II Landfill Landfill Design

Pioneer planned, designed, and provided construction oversight services for two 10-acre lateral and vertical expansions at the Butte-Silver Bow (BSB) County Class II Municipal Solid

Design and Permitting

Pioneer was responsible for site development design and permitting for a 25-acre FedEx Freight Facility in Butte, Montana. Development of this site included an environmental

Sports Complex Design

Pioneer completed planning, design, and construction-phase engineering support for the Copper Mountain Sports and Recreation Complex, a new park facility that included approximately 1 mile

Water Main Design

Pioneer completed the design of over 216,000 lineal feet (41 miles) of water distribution system renewals and extensions for the Butte-Silver Bow Water Utility Division

Foundation Design

As a subconsultant to Big Sky Civil & Environmental of Great Falls, Pioneer was responsible for the geotechnical engineering for the grain elevator foundations, building

Foundation Inspect.

Pioneer was contracted by a homeowner to inspect the foundation and anchorage systems of an older manufactured home in Butte, Montana, in order to satisfy

Water/Sewer Designs

Pioneer along with ICS designed and constructed the water and sewer utilities associated with the Basin Creek Power Plant, a natural gas power generation facility.

Design and Permitting

Pioneer completed the design and permitting for the replacement of the 2.5-million gallon concrete High Service Water Tank in Butte, Montana. The design included earthwork,

Treatment Design

In 1998, following completion of an expedited removal action of 1.2 million cubic yards of mine tailings, slag material, and impacted soils from the historic stream