Safety and control of work is integrated into every stage of our work, from planning site investigations and sampling to designing improvements to promote safe construction and operations. Work Safe is not just a motto – it is our reality every day. At Pioneer, working safely is a priority and ingrained into every task and activity we perform. Our priority is to provide a safe workplace for every employee. Our commitment is to maintain an atmosphere that promotes safety and encourages each employee to follow a safety philosophy.

Our goal is zero health and safety incidents. And we are achieving that goal with an Experience Modification Rate (EMR) rate over the last four years of 0.73 or under. We train and empower managers, supervisors, and employees to take charge and identify and eliminate hazards that could develop during a project. If anyone sees a real or potential unsafe condition, they are obligated to Stop Work, and must report it and get it resolved before re-starting work. Each employee has a personal responsibility to work safely, and all employees, together, have the responsibility to create and maintain a safe workplace.

We also work for many clients with their own safety programs, and we integrate our safety practices to align with those of our clients. We use these opportunities to learn and improve our own program. Pioneer recognizes that ingraining a strong safety culture into our work force allows us to reduce liability exposure to our clients and ourselves.

Because of our safety program and practices, Pioneer has an exemplary safety record, as reflected by our extremely low Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) Total Recordable Incident Rate and worker’s compensation Experience Modification Rate.

To make our safety statistics and practices readily available, we maintain membership  in these safety and health auditing and compliance programs: Avetta, ISNetworld, and PEC Safety.

Avetta safety program

ISN member contractor

PEC safety program