FIDIC Press Release

FIDIC Press Release

The PPC project wins international FIDIC award.
FIDIC, the International Federation of Consulting Engineers, Awards Pioneer for the Prickly Pear Creek Realignment Project in East Helena, Montana.
HELENA, MT – Pioneer Technical Services, Inc., an environmental engineering firm headquartered in Butte, Montana, recently received an international FIDIC Project Award for the Prickly Pear Creek Realignment project completed by the Montana Environmental Trust Group (METG) at the former East Helena Smelter facility located in East Helena, Montana. The FIDIC, International Federation of Consulting Engineers, awards celebrate those projects that promote quality, integrity and sustainability; contribute to quality of life in communities; share engineering principles; and encourage others to understand and support FIDIC principles. The FIDIC Awards were presented at a Gala Dinner during the FIDIC International Infrastructure Conference in Mexico City, Mexico, on Monday September 9, 2019.

The Prickly Pear Creek Realignment project, headed by Pioneer’s Joel Gerhart, successfully relocated Prickly Pear Creek to replace a failing dam and contaminated lake with a natural-functioning stream, floodplain, riparian areas, wetlands, and native fish habitat. As a result of this successful project, the area now protects human health and the environment by reducing groundwater contamination and isolating an eroding slag pile without the need for future maintenance.

“We are extremely honored to receive this international award from such a prestigious organization as the Federation,” said Brad Archibald, CEO of Pioneer Technical Services. “This was such a complex project, with many moving parts. Joel Gerhart and his team did an amazing job working in conjunction with our client Montana Environmental Trust Group, LLC to make that area environmentally sound for our community. This additional award is a culmination of our team’s hard work and professionalism.”

As a prior recipient of an ACEC National Grand Engineering Excellence Award, the Prickly Pear Creek Realignment project was eligible to compete in the 2019 FIDIC International competition. For more information visit

The Montana Environmental Trust Group, LLC is trustee of the Montana Environmental Custodial Trust.