Interstate-Callahan Rock Dumps Remedial Action

Location: Kellogg, Idaho
Project Type: Environmental Remediation

Pioneer Technical was hired by the Coeur d’Alene Trust to take remedial action on the Interstate-Callahan Upper and Lower Rock Dumps. This project included excavating, loading, hauling approximately 183,000 bank cubic yards of mine wastes from the Interstate-Callahan site to the East Fork Ninemile (EFNM) WCA and the reconstruction of approximately 3,020 linear feet of the EFNM Creek and tributaries.

During this project Pioneer Technical placed amended cover soil over the resultant excavation footprint (approximately 13.1 acres), fertilized, seeded, and hydro-mulched approximately 13.1 acres. We also temporarily diverted a stream and floodplain dewatering.  Pioneer is also installing potential adit closures and BMPs.