Greenway Trail Pedestrian Bridges

Pioneer is the prime contractor for a project to design a Greenway recreational corridor along Silver Bow Creek from Butte, Montana, to the Warm Springs Ponds near Opportunity, Montana. Silver Bow Creek originates in the urban area of Butte and flows nearly 30 miles to the Warm Springs Ponds in Deer Lodge County. A 26 mile stretch of the creek from the downstream end of the Colorado Tailings to Warm Springs Ponds is being remediated through a Superfund cleanup known as the Streamside Tailings Operable Unit (SST OU). A recreational corridor known as the Silver Bow Creek Greenway has been identified as the end land use for the remediated site. The Silver Bow Creek Greenway will also serve as a recreational connection between the communities of Butte, Anaconda, and Opportunity, extending beyond the boundaries of the National Priorities List (NPL) site. Because of these important outside connections, Pioneer assisted develop a trail system and facilities master plan showing connections to other recreation facilities and trail systems outside the SST OU.

Pioneer is responsible for designing the proposed site developments including trails, sidewalks, trailheads, lighting, signage, interpretive areas, exercise areas, wildlife viewing stations, potential wetland area developments, potential winter recreation sites, parks, picnic areas, campgrounds, restroom facilities, historic resources, and landscape plans.