Environmental Assessment, FedEx Freight Facility

Pioneer performed a Phase I Environmental Site Assessment, in conformance with the scope and limitations of ASTM Practice E 1527, of the proposed FedEx Terminal located in the Tax Increment Financing Industrial District (TIFID), in Butte-Silver Bow County, Montana. The adjoining property is owned by Rhodia, Inc., constructed in the early 1950s to produce elemental phosphorous. The primary raw materials used at the Plant were phosphate ore, silica, coke, lime, and sulfuric acid. The Plant ceased all elemental phosphorous producing activities in 1997. Also, located southwest of the subject property and within the TIFID is REC Silicon. REC Silicon produces solar grade polysilicon for the photovoltaic (PV) industry, as well as electronic grade polysilicon silane gas for the electronics industry. The 240-acre plant site was completed in the spring of 1998.

While there was no visibly apparent recognized environmental conditions that existed at the property, it was Pioneer’s recommendation that the prospective buyer visit with REC’s Process Safety Management team to discuss their handling and storage criteria for silane gas, and their emergency release and response measures in the event of an accidental release. Pioneer felt that the prospective buyer be cognizant of the concerns. The assessment revealed no evidence of recognized environmental conditions in connection with the property. The assessment included: 1) interviews with present and past owners (as available), and thorough visual inspection of the property; 2) review of aerial photographs; and 3) photo documentation of the property including areas of concern identified during the site reconnaissance, and review of adjoining properties and their uses.