Copper Mountain Sports and Recreation Complex

Pioneer completed planning, design, and construction-phase engineering support for the Copper Mountain Sports and Recreation Complex, a new park facility that included approximately 1 mile of new pedestrian and bicycle trails. For the project, Pioneer completed the following:

  • Completed detailed characterization of the 200-acre site.
  • Completed deed research and surveying for land exchange necessitated by waste present beyond owner’s claim boundaries.
  • Designed a 1,000,000-cubic yard, stabilized mine waste impoundment.
  • Designed waste unit’s closure that included low permeability caps.
  • Designed the park complex that included five baseball/softball fields, sand volleyball courts, children’s playground, walking trails, picnic gazebos, and parking lots.
  • Designed the 3,600-square foot, multi-function building that included restrooms and concessions.
  • Designed a golf driving range.
  • Designed and coordinated irrigation improvements.
  • Incorporated other ancillary features.

For the project, Pioneer conducted public meetings, provided public relations, and served as a local, state, and federal agency liaison during the 5-year process to close the old tailings and landfill site, gain public and agency approvals, and design and construct the project.