Conrad 110-Railcar Shuttle Grain Facility for United Grain Corporation

As a subconsultant to Big Sky Civil & Environmental of Great Falls, Pioneer was responsible for the geotechnical engineering for the grain elevator foundations, building foundations, railroad loop, and gravel service road. We provided the designs for 252 18-inch and 24-inch auger cast piles to support eight 36-foot diameter 160-foot tall concrete silos in a 2 by 4 configuration to Larson Structural Engineering of Appleton, Wisconsin. We provided the typical section designs for the construction of the ¾-mile long gravel surfaced service road and for a 2-mile long railroad loop. Our building foundation recommendations went to Stelling Engineering of Great Falls. The road and railroad alignment were designed by BSC&E and constructed by Schumaker Construction of Great Falls. The General Contractor is Younglove from Sioux City, Iowa.