Class II Landfill

Pioneer planned, designed, and provided construction oversight services for two 10-acre lateral and vertical expansions at the Butte-Silver Bow (BSB) County Class II Municipal Solid Waste Landfill. The design conformed to Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) Subtitle D Regulations. The project involved integrating a new composite liner system and leachate collection system into the existing facility. To do that, Pioneer completed a geotechnical evaluation that included seismic and static slope stability analyses and designed the cell excavation, subgrade layout, composite liner system, leachate collection system, and storm water control. We then developed plans and technical specifications for competitive bidding purposes and provided design and construction surveying/staking, construction quantities and as-built records, construction inspection services, rigorous liner installation Construction Quality Assurance (CQA) oversight, and documentation that complied with Montana solid waste management regulations.

For the Phase 2 expansion, Pioneer completed a value engineering analysis that recommended constructing an unlined Class IV Landfill at the same facility that would be less costly to design, construct, operate, and maintain. The Class IV Landfill would also save a significant amount of air space in the more expensive Class II Landfill by diverting the large and bulky construction and demolition debris waste stream away from the Class II Landfill. Pioneer investigated and found a location for the Class IV Landfill, completed a solid waste disposal facility permit application, and developed a design that included the layout for the road system, storm water controls, and groundwater monitoring system (all under an accelerated schedule). The Class IV Landfill was constructed after the Class II Landfill expansion was complete and is currently in full operation.

Once construction was complete, BSB retained Pioneer to perform all required engineering activities including Facility Master Plan updates, phased final closure design, facility soil balance calculation updates, storm water control designs, special waste reviews, annual closure cost estimates for financial assurance, and all engineering for routine facility maintenance. We also conduct all environmental monitoring at the landfill as required by Montana solid waste regulations. This includes groundwater, storm water, leachate, and methane gas monitoring.