Butte-Silver Bow High Service Water Tank

Pioneer completed the design and permitting for the replacement of the 2.5-million gallon concrete High Service Water Tank in Butte, Montana. The design included earthwork, constructing a new 2.5-million gallon pre-cast concrete tank, connecting the new tank to Butte’s existing water distribution network, and obliterating the existing tank.

Pioneer provided contract development and administration, project management, and construction oversight services to the Butte-Silver Bow Water Utility Division for the construction of the new High Service Water Tank. The High Service Water Tank is an integral and critical component of Butte’s water distribution network because it provides potable water and fire protection to residents on Butte’s north side (Walkerville and Centerville). Pioneer successfully served as the primary point-of-contact between Butte-Silver Bow personnel, review agencies, contractors, and the general public throughout the duration of the project.

Pioneer provided oversight for Butte-Silver Bow – Water Utility Division construction crews to complete initial earthwork activities, subgrade preparation, yard piping, backfill operations, and obliterating the existing concrete tank. Additionally, Pioneer was responsible for the project management, scheduling, and quality assurance of the contractor selected to construct the pre-cast concrete tank. Upon the completion of the project in 2009, Pioneer prepared and submitted a certified as-built “record” drawing to the Montana Department of Environmental Quality.