Pioneer Part of 16-Year Silver Bow Creek Remediation

After 16 years, major remediation of Silver Bow Creek (Montana) is almost complete. Part of that remediation is the Greenway project. Since 1997, Pioneer has been the lead engineering firm on the Silver Bow Creek Greenway project providing planning, surveying, investigation, design, and oversight. Pioneer also helped write successful grants to fund the ecological restoration actions, provide public access, and purchase lands for public use and enjoyment. Since 1999 Pioneer has provided remedial investigation, design, restoration planning, and oversight services to DEQ and has been solely responsible for the 16-mile stretch from Miles Crossing to Warm Springs Ponds. Our efforts expanded the floodplain, lengthened the stream, and provided public access to the area. Now as the cleanup enters its final years, everyone’s efforts have paid off with a clean, restored stream, public access to walkways, and a viable recreational area. More on the project here.